IT Asset Management with Assurance

Since 1994 we have supported our customers & outsource partners in achieving software compliance, identify risk & provide a comprehensive yet flexible award winning software asset management solutions.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is about people, process, technology and standards.

Our technology is designed to achieve software compliance & reduce software licence expenditure.

Software Organiser Team SAM

Focusing on Software License Compliance, risk analysis. Team SAM is ideally suited for Organisations whose process goes beyond compliance.

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Software Organiser Service Provider

Designed for Service Providers who wish to manage multiple SAM Customers Software Licence Compliance projects from one central point.

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Bulk import on-going software purchases.

Make it easier to automatically integrate by scheduling Software Asset Data imports.
For centrally collating & recording Asset data where automatic discovery tools are not available or providing inadequate information.

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SAM as a Service

Maximises your RIO from existing SAM tools, with our Software Asset Management as a Service (SAMaaS).

As organisations change and become more mobile and diverse, it becomes harder to track and manage IT assets. Accurate management and control of hardware and software assets are essential for managing risks associated with compliance, planned change and new deployment projects. BCS are highly respected for our supportive approach in helping our customers to manage their IT assets; through a combination of our complementary and integrated Software, Hardware and Licensing (POE) Managed service solutions. Learn More >>
Desktop • Moblie Device • Server • Datacenter • Virtualisation • Cloud

Microsoft • IBM • Oracle • SAP • Attachmate • Adobe • Symatec • Autodesk • CA Technologies

Universal Software Library (USL)

The USL subscription automatically
identifies & normalises what
software is commercially licensable
Key features -
  • Identify Commercially Licensable Products
  • Remove Duplicate Install counts
  • Functional Software Categories
  • Software Guide Prices
  • Resolve incomplete raw audit data

290 million

raw software application
descriptions were processed
globally through the USL in 2014
Making it arguably the world's most comprehensive database of recognised software applications
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Professional Services

BCS – Innovative and thought leadership providers of Professional Consulting Services in IT Asset Management (ITAM) that address the long-term risk management, organisational readiness, and continuous improvement to reduce the one-time and on-going financial burden associated with ITAM as well as Software Asset Management (SAM) and Licence Management and Compliance. Learn More >>


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