Data Services

Our Data Services empower customers in understanding (in some cases for the first time ever) what software is truly installed and what risk it poses to their organization. Our statistics show that Corporate Computers have on average approximately 100 software applications installed and only 20% of those installed applications are commercially licensable i.e. you need to purchase a License to use that software.

Global USL

Our Global USL is designed to automatically normalise the ambiguous Software Audit data from Discovery tools, instantly reducing manpower overheads and the knowledge gap in SAM data analysis, all helping your organisation assess software risks. Making it arguably the world's most comprehensive database of recognised software applications (in excess 500,000 distinct software application descriptions are contained within our Library).


Did you know that on average each business PC has 20% Commercially Licensable Software & 80% Non-commercially Lincensable installs.

Core Key Features:

  • Identify Commercially Licensable & Non Commercial software

  • Remove Duplicate Install counts

  • Software Functional Categories

  • Software Guide Prices

  • Resolve incomplete raw audit data

  • 100% recognition

  • 48 hour returned data

BCS USL Subscription Service has saved us at least 10 man hours per week. But more importantly it has identified possible over-licensing, due to the inaccuracy of our discovery data, in excess of $2,000,000.00.
IT Asset Controller - Tech Data
290 million raw software applications processed in 2014
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Asset Validation

It is well documented that Auto Discovery Tools have proven to be inaccurate when reporting certain software installations. Asset Validation automatically reconciles your Discovery data against the Active Devices on your estate to ensure that only software installations on current devices are counted towards your software inventory. Ensuring your software asset management and licence compliance is as accurate as possible. Our Asset Validation technology and reporting service helps our Customers improve the accuracy of their CMDB and Discovery tools; while at the same time reducing software inventory counts on some occasions.

POE Validation

Effective POE collection and recording is essential for reducing risk and managing software budgets effectively. Common questions we are asked on a regular basis include:

  1. What if I can't find Proof of Entitlement (POE)?
  2. What constitutes legitimate POE evidence?
  3. Is the content valid to contribute towards software compliance

Not all documentation provided with an application is necessarily proof that the user has a licence and the right to use software. POE Validation provides the customer with the reports and processes to collect all the required data to support software compliance and the wider Licence management discipline such as maintenance renewal management.

Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Reduction Commitment is already here but as yet, no one has really started to feel it's bite. Most will know that any companies using over half a million pounds worth of electricity per annum will have to measure and report on their annual carbon emissions during 2011, but not everyone appreciates the impact that this may have when those companies have to purchase allowances based on their reported position.
A data centre with 1,000 servers will use
enough electricity in a single month to power
16,800 homes for a year.
A data centre with 1,000 servers will use
enough electricity in a single month to power
16,800 homes for a year.

Comparison of existng Models with Manufacturers recommended replacement Model

Older for New

  • Current Electiry cost per year at £0.10 per 1 kwh
  • Best Possible Electricity cost per year at £0.10 per 1 kwh
As an example, leaving a single computer and monitor switched 'on' for 24 hours-a-day can cost more than £50 a year. Simply switching off and using 'stand-by' features could reduce this to £15 a year.