Professional Services

BCS are providers of Professional Consulting Services in IT Asset Management (ITAM) that address the long-term risk management, organisational readiness, and continuous improvement to reduce the one-time and on-going financial burden associated with ITAM as well as Software Asset Management (SAM) and Licence Management and Compliance.

Audit Defence

Has your company been audited by a software vendor or industry trade group in the last 12 months?
If not it’s only a matter of time. The big question is, are you ready?

For most companies software audits are unwelcome and unbudgeted. Being unprepared will be your biggest headache! What to do, what to say and when to act.

How to act during your audit:

  1. Create a 'positive engagement' but be careful that you do not expose your Organisation to unwanted scrutiny.
  2. Perform an internal risk assessment, Assess the 'financial risk' that the Auditing Vendor's software poses.
  3. Don't supply any data, without fully validating it. Remember that once you have passed information to the vendor it can (and most likely) will be used as part of your Audit.
  4. Don't make any written or verbal commitments...Don't be pushed into making any commitments on timeframes for the Audit; remember you are still a Customer!
  5. Regardless of what Continent you operate in, call BCS...In the past few years our Audit Consultancy Services have helped our Customers reduce their Risk from Audit's by tens of Millions of pounds.


As well as delivering best practice guidance to mitigate risk, technology, process, procedures and resourcing, we help clients save millions of pounds in unnecessary software audits

Common triggers for software audits

  • Company expansion can come in many shapes & sizes, new internal growth to acquisitions & mergers, is your software spend reflective of the growth?
  • Reductions in company software spend? This may be part of a company wide downsizing, non-renewal of Enterprise Agreements, major contracts & vendor switching
  • Dialog with your software vendors is paramount! Regular open communication with your account managers builds valuable trust with vendors.
  • Internal company communication can help identify possible process & policy failings from lack of subject knowledge, over-confident processes to the correct toolsets.

Risk Analysis:

BCS aim to reduce the considerable risk associated with software licence Compliance Management particularly from software vendor compliance audits. In particular focus on delivering its SAM maturity assessment programme which looks at the whole life cycle of software in order that customers can not only meet their compliance requirements but also understand the impact that software may have on their risk registers.

SAM Consultancy:

Since 1994 BCS has provided a comprehensive and yet flexible range of ITAM solutions and services. We work with organisations that want to benefit from more effective IT Asset Management and associated software asset management. As well as delivering best practice guidance to mitigate risk, technology, process and procedures and resourcing; BCS helps its customers save millions of pounds in unnecessary software licence fees and maintenance costs.

ITAM/SAM Governance:

Even if you already have an internal or third party provided ITAM function! Can you be sure that all of the required operational structures, resources, technical architecture and software licensing arrangements are fully implemented and more importantly managed effectively? If not, or you simply what to ratify your capability, BCS can provide unique ITAM and SAM Governance services to independently monitor or ratify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Service Level Agreements (SLA's) for all your ITAM and SAM functions.