Software Organiser Training

Software Organiser training is not all about Software Organiser. Although Software Organiser has a familiar easy to use interface, Software Organiser will probably be unlike any application you have used before. This is due to the nature of software licence management processes and licensing scenarios.

Our aim is to ensure you have a good understanding of Software Organisers core features and how and where they should be applied to support your licence management activities. Onsite and web based training options are available. To receive more information on our courses please complete the form below. Thank you.

Product Upgrade

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Please note that if your Software Organiser database is hosted on SQL Server 2000 please let us know in the Notes box below. Thank you.

Product Activation

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Installations F.A.Q

  • Q. Basically what’s involved in the deployment of Software Organiser?
    A. Essentially Software Organisers database is hosted on Microsoft SQL Server and the Client, the user interface, is installed on each user’s machine. For more information please click the Deployment link available under each edition.
  • Q. Can the Software Organiser Client be hosted on Citrix, Terminal Services etc?
    A. Yes Team SAM and Service Provider customers can host the Client on Citrix or Terminal Services.
  • Q. Can the Software Organiser Client installation be repackaged or virtualised?
    A. Yes from version 7 onwards regardless of edition the customer can repackage the Client. However only Team SAM and Service Provider licensing permits the virtualisation of the Client.
  • Q. What editions and versions of Microsoft SQL Server can the Software Organiser database be hosted on?
    A. The database can be hosted on any edition of Microsoft SQL Server from 2000 SP4 to 2008 R2.
  • Q. How much hard disk space does the database use?
    A. In general this depends on two things; how many PCs you have and if you intend to store images of licensing related documentation in Software Organisers database. For example for 5000 PCs you should create an initial data file of 500MB and Log file of 2GB. Allow 1MB of dsk space per document.
  • Q. Does Software Organiser require access to the Internet?
    A. Only the Licensing & Compliance Client version 5.x.y requires internet access to activate; this has been removed in subsequent versions. A user manual is installed locally on each PC during the Client deployment process. However the user can access, via the internet, the most recently updated user manual.
  • Q. Does Software Organiser require access to email?
    A. Software Organisers action and renewal management system can be optionally configured to send notifications and actions to other users via email. Software Organiser does not receive email.
  • Q. Does the Client require the .net framework to be installed?
    A. 2.0 SP1 framework should be installed on XP Pro PCs prior to deployment. This is not required on Vista or Win 7 32 or 64 bit.