Software Organiser

is designed and configured to encourage a structured approach to managing software assets providing what is often missing in Software Asset Management implementations, the link between licence management and finance. Equally suited to organisations in the early stages of their SAM Project as well as those whose processes extend beyond compliance to include multiple departmental disciplines; typically ITIL functions that assist in ITAM.

Team SAM:

Focusing on cost control and cost savings. Team SAM encourages a structured 'Team' approach to managing your software assets and provides the missing link between licence management and finance. Team SAM is ideally suited for those Organisations whose process is beyond compliance.

Service Provider:

Specifically designed for Service Providers who wish to manage multiple Customers Software Asset Management and Licence Compliance projects from one central point. Focusing on a number of key areas including; shared centralised Licencing with included Universal Software Library Data services and cost analysis and controls.

Core Key Features:

POD Ledger – Record relevant licence types from Desktop, CALs, Server, and Processor to upgrades while monitoring software licence expenditure.

Software Ledger – Import software asset data from multiple inventory tools and dramatically reduce ambiguous software asset data, without the box standard software and software duplication monitoring

Reconciliation Workbench – Automatically optimise POE & software asset data instantly, upgrade licence identification & downgrade optimising.

  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Supplier management / Contract renewal system
  • Machine Asset Analysis
  • Global Software Expenditure Analysis
  • Unused licence identification

POE Import:

A customised import utility allowing Software Organiser customers to bulk import on-going software purchases.

Discovery Connect:

To maximize ROI in existing SAM tools and minimise disruption associated with implementing new technology, Discovery Connect makes it easy to automatically integrate, by scheduling Software Asset Data imports from all discovery tools to Software Organiser.

Datacenter Capture:

For centrally collating and recording Asset data where automatic discovery tools are not available or providing inadequate information to provide comprehensive requirement quantities for licensing purposes.

Automated Discovery tools alone do not have the functionality to automatically collect and calculate the requirement values across all Publishers and Products.